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We’re highlighting a teacher every Wednesday as a part of the #RedForEd campaign.

Every year is a great year to celebrate our teachers, but this year has shined a bright light on the flexibility and compassion of our incredible staff.

Today we’re highlighting Ms. Lindsay Kulpinski, a 5th grade teacher at Meadows Elementary School.

What motivates you?
My students are my biggest motivation. Growing up, I had some wonderful teachers that taught me to love school. That is what I wish to instill in my students. There is no greater feeling than a student lighting up because they understand a new skill. Students should always feel like they are capable of learning. In my classroom, we acknowledge that some things are going to be difficult, but we can be masters with the appropriate tools and skills. I try my best to teach my students to be confident in their academics and believe in themselves.

How has your job changed due to COVID?
COVID has changed many things, from routines to the overall morale. On a daily basis my students talk about COVID ending. We all yearn for the “normal” days to return. The beginning of the year was a huge adjustment. We had to spend a lot of time playing catch-up from last year. This took a lot of patience from my students and myself.  Our students live in fear of going remote. They have a new appreciation for sitting at a desk and learning in a traditional setting. Even with all of the changes that COVID has brought on, our students prove day in and day out that they are resilient.

What is something that people don’t understand about your job?
We can’t always turn off our “teacher mode” as soon as our contracted hours are over. There are many nights that I have grading, planning, reporting, and worrying to do. Every student that comes through my door has a special place in my heart. It is my job to advocate for each and every one of them and make sure they are getting a quality education. No matter what challenges come with teaching, I know this is what I am meant to do.

Why do you love VCSC/your school?
I get to work with the most amazing teachers and staff. We are a family with one goal in mind, to make sure our students are enriched and loved. We work as a team to find creative ways to keep our students encouraged and engaged. Our students have a neighborhood school to call their home. It is easy to work for a principal who is uplifting and welcoming. I truly enjoy coming to work everyday because of the supportive environment that Mrs. Cook has created. Meadows is my home.

Be sure to check back on #Staffurday–Saturday, that is–as we recognize members of our non-teaching staff. We’ll continue both campaigns through the end of the school year.