Vigo County School Corporation


In 2020, the Vigo County School Corporation Board of School Trustees developed a new vision, mission, values, and critical challenges statement for the Vigo County School Corporation.


Working together with our community, we inspire our students to discover their talents and rise to their greatest potential.


Building on the strengths of our diverse community, we create an engaging, comprehensive educational environment that supports the growth of lifelong learners.

  • We are committed to always asking/answering: “What is in the best interest of each student?”
  • Leading by example, we are committed to personal accountability and work habits, honesty, and respect.
  • We are committed to a safe, secure, and welcoming environment.
  • We are committed to practices of inclusive excellence that value differences.
  • We are committed to respecting the voice of all district stakeholders through collaborative engagement.
  • We are committed to developing students who improve the quality of life for the Wabash Valley.
Critical Challenges

The critical challenge for the Vigo County School Corporation over the next five years will be to prepare students to be lifelong learners, inspiring independent thinkers, and growing exemplary citizens within the constraints of a shrinking school population, shrinking school funding, and a statewide teacher shortage. A demographic study conducted in 2017 indicates that our school enrollment will continue to decline over the next several years.

Our Strategic Plan
Dr. Rob Haworth,
Superintendent of Schools

Vigo County Schools: Developing Leaders. Creating Community.

As a county-wide public school corporation, we serve nearly 14,000 students in 18 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3 traditional high schools, an alternative school, and a virtual school. We also offer a robust early learning and adult education program.

We invite your collaboration as we develop Vigo County's next generation of leaders and citizens.

Administrative Team

Dr. Rob Haworth
Dr. Karen Goeller
Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Goeller leads Vigo County School Corporation's curriculum and instruction teams.
Mrs. Donna Wilson
Chief Financial Officer
Mrs. Wilson leads Vigo County School Corporation's business and finance teams.
Mr. Richard Long
Director of General Services, Facilities, and Transportation
Mr. Long leads Vigo County School Corporation's general services, facilities, and transportation teams.
Dr. Stacy Mason
Executive Director of Secondary Education
Dr. Mason leads Vigo County School Corporation's middle and high schools, including athletics.
Dr. Tom Balitewicz
Director of Student Services
Dr. Balitewicz leads Vigo County School Corporation's student services teams, which include counseling, security, suspension/expulsion, alternative programs, and nursing.
Dr. Christi Fenton
Executive Director of Elementary Education/Title I
Dr. Fenton leads Vigo County School Corporation's elementary schools, including our Title I grant.
Dr. Susan Cobb
Executive Director, Covered Bridge Special Education District
Dr. Cobb leads the Covered Bridge Special Education District, a special education cooperative that includes the Vigo County and South Vermillion Community School Corporations.
Mr. Michael Cox
Director of Human Resources
Mr. Cox administers Vigo County School Corporation's human resources efforts for our over 2,000 staff members.
Mr. Doug Miller
Director of Technology
Mr. Miller leads Vigo County School Corporation's technology efforts, including network infrastructure, hardware, and software.
Mr. Doug Dillion
Director of Career/Technical Education
Mr. Dillion leads Vigo County School Corporation's career and technical education efforts, including career pathways and adult education.
Mr. Bill Riley
Director of Communications
Mr. Riley leads Vigo County School Corporation's communications efforts including the website, community/media relations, social media, and School Messenger.
Mr. Matthew McClendon
Director of Civility, Diversity, and International Exchange
Mr. McClendon leads Vigo County School Corporation's diversity and inclusion efforts.
Mr. Tom Lentes
Director of Food Services
Mr. Lentes leads Vigo County School Corporation's food services team.
Mr. Greg Gauer
Assistant Director of Facilities and Transportation
Mr. Gauer leads Vigo County School Corporation's transportation team.
Mrs. Catherine Hill
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent