Vigo County School Corporation

Board of School Trustees

In 2020, the Vigo County School Corporation Board of School Trustees developed a new vision, mission, values, and critical challenges statement for the Vigo County School Corporation.


Working together with our community, we inspire our students to discover their talents and rise to their greatest potential.


Building on the strengths of our diverse community, we create an engaging, comprehensive educational environment that supports the growth of lifelong learners.

  • We are committed to always asking/answering: “What is in the best interest of each student?”
  • Leading by example, we are committed to personal accountability and work habits, honesty, and respect.
  • We are committed to a safe, secure, and welcoming environment.
  • We are committed to practices of inclusive excellence that value differences.
  • We are committed to respecting the voice of all district stakeholders through collaborative engagement.
  • We are committed to developing students who improve the quality of life for the Wabash Valley.
Critical Challenges

The critical challenge for the Vigo County School Corporation over the next five years will be to prepare students to be lifelong learners, inspiring independent thinkers, and growing exemplary citizens within the constraints of a shrinking school population, shrinking school funding, and a statewide teacher shortage. A demographic study conducted in 2017 indicates that our school enrollment will continue to decline over the next several years.

Our Strategic Plan

Board Members

Mrs. Amy Lore
President, Policy Committee, Bond Oversight Committee, Building Trade Council, City Redevelopment
Mr. Rick Burger
Vice President, CTE Advisory Council, Finance Committee, County Redevelopment
Mrs. Carey LaBella
Secretary, Policy Committee, Bond Oversight Committee, Finance Committee, Calendar Committee
Mrs. Stacy Killion
I.S.B.A Legislative Liaison Member, Policy Committee, Vigo County Education Foundation, Bond Oversight Committee, Health & Wellness Committee, Finance Committee, Calendar Committee
Mrs. Jackie Lower
Member, Health & Wellness Committee, County Redevelopment
Mr. James D. Skelton
Member, Health & Wellness Committee, Building Trade Council
Mr. Ken Warner
Member, City Redevelopment, CTE Advisory Council, Bond Oversight Committee, Building Trade Council, Building Trade Council, Finance Committee

Committee Representatives

ISBA Liason

Stacy Killion

Vigo County Parent Network

Stacy Killion

Vigo County Education Foundation

Stacy Killion

Policy Committee

Amy Lore
Stacy Killion
Carey LaBella

Building Trade Council

JD Skelton
Ken Warner
Amy Lore, alternate

CTE Advisory Committee

Rick Burger
Ken Warner, alternate

Bond Oversight Committee

Ken Warner
Carey LaBella
Stacy Killion
Amy Lore, alternate

City Redevelopment

Amy Lore
Ken Warner, alternate

Health and Wellness Committee

JD Skelton
Jackie Lower
Stacy Killion, alternate

Finance Committee

Rick Burger
Stacy Killion
Carey LaBella
Ken Warner, alternate

County Redevelopment

Rick Burger
Jackie Lower, alternate

Calendar  Committee

Stacy Killion
Carey LaBella

Board Meeting Agendas and Announcements

Meeting Notices, Agendas, and Minutes

Regular Meetings are usually held in the Administration Building Board Room at 501 W. Olive St., West Terre Haute, IN and are open to the public.

Meeting agendas are posted here at least the day before a scheduled meeting.

Remaining Meetings for 2023
  • January 9: Organizational/Finance/Business
  • January 23: Business
  • February 13: Work Session
  • February 27: Business
  • March 6: Work Session
  • March 20: Business
  • April 10: Work Session
  • April 24: Business
  • May 8: Work Session
  • May 22: Business
  • June 12: Work Session
  • June 26: Business
  • July 10: Business
  • July 24: Business
  • August 7: Business
  • August 21: Business/Work Session
  • September 18: Business
  • October 9: Budget Adoption
  • October 23: Business/Work Session
  • November 13: Business
  • December 11: Business/Work Session