About Transportation

The safe transportation of students is a responsibility shared by the VCSC administration, transportation staff, drivers, parents, and students. We are committed to providing safe vehicles and qualified drivers along with school bus safety education to students and parents. Student transportation information including bus numbers and schedules may now be obtained by calling your school office directly.

Important Note
Transportation is provided to and from a maximum of one (1) location: home and one other approved site with verified contact information on file. Parent/Guardian work locations are prohibited.  All stops must be within the boundaries of the school the student attends. In the interest of keeping our students safe, we can no longer accommodate complex schedules involving multiple stops.
For more information, please call us at 812-462-4239.


The professionals in the Transportation Office are committed to an environment of safety and service to our students.

Dr. John Newport
Chief Operating Officer of Facility Operations, Food Services, and Transportation
Nancy Weaver
Supervisor of Transportation
Maronda Cox
Activity Trip Transportation Coordinator
Molly Moulton
Transportation Secretary
Tricia Drew
Transportation Routing Coordinator
812-462-4341 ext: 24419
Carol Lewis
Coordinator of Special Needs Trip Transportation
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School Bus Safety

School bus transportation is statistically the safest means of getting your student to and from school.  We encourage you to have your student ride the bus.  In order to help us provide your student a safe journey to and from school, we ask your cooperation in abiding by the following national best practice guidelines for school bus transportation.

Each school bus stop and bus route is designed to deliver your student safely and efficiently to and from school.  In creating stops and routes, it is necessary to consider many factors.  However, SAFETY FOR ALL CHILDREN IS OUR GREATEST CONCERN.

  • Please have the children at the bus stop waiting for the bus.  The bus cannot wait at the bus stop for the children.  If your child should miss the bus, please take your child to school.
  • NEVER try to catch the bus with your vehicle.  Your child’s safety is compromised when you attempt to meet the bus with your vehicle.
  • The Transportation office must approve any changes regarding bus stops.  For the safety and security of all students, our drivers are instructed to pick up only those students assigned to each stop.
  • Please note that the arrival time at the bus stop may vary as students are added or removed from the route.  Students will be advised as time changes are made.  Driving conditions such as trains, traffic and weather may also alter the arrival times.

The Transportation department is dedicated to providing safe transportation for your student.  Therefore, we must address improper bus behavior promptly.


Violations of behavioral expectations may result in a student being suspended from riding the bus for one or more days.  Possession or use of tobacco products will result in an automatic 5-day suspension from riding the bus.  Violations of this order will also be referred to the school for possible school suspension.

The State of Indiana considers the school bus an extension of the classroom.  Therefore, all school policies and procedures remain in effect while students travel.  Additional measures are also required to ensure safe travel.  We consider observing safety precautions and practicing good citizenship important parts of a student’s education.  We are committed to providing a safe journey for your student as they travel to and from school.

If there are concerns about the school bus stop or route, please call the Supervisor of Transportation at (812) 462-4341.

  • Students must be waiting at their pick-up point 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus. Buses are on time schedules that do not allow for waiting – if a student is not at the pick-up point at the scheduled time, the bus driver will proceed on to their next location. Drivers will be unable to return a student home for any articles he or she has forgotten or left behind.
  • While at the pick-up point waiting for the bus, students should stand back a reasonable distance, refrain from any horseplay, and never cause any damage to personal or community property.
  • Students boarding the bus must board in an orderly manner and immediately take their appropriate seats.
  • Students may transport musical instruments and other items pertaining to school activities only if those items can be held on the student’s lap.  Animals, balloons, special displays or projects of large size that do not meet this guideline are not acceptable for transport on the bus.
  • Windows and emergency doors on the bus shall not be opened except with the permission of the driver. When approved by the driver, windows may only be opened to the appropriate halfway mark.
  • Upon arrival at the school, students should remain seated until released by the driver. When going home, students must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Students must ride only their assigned bus. Bus drivers are instructed to let students off only at their designated location.
    Students wishing to ride home with a friend must provide written permission from a parent and secure prior approval from the school and driver. Guest riders may be prohibited due to available seating space on the bus.
  • Students who must walk in front of the bus during loading or unloading must wait for the signal from the driver before crossing in front of the bus. The bus must be stopped with the stop arm and crossing arm extended prior to a student crossing.
  • Parents are not permitted to board or ride the school bus unless they are acting as a chaperone for a field trip and have been approved by the school or assisting with their special needs student and have been approved by the Transportation Department to do so.
  • Parents should inform the driver if their student has a medical condition or severe allergy that may require specific attention.
  • Remove dangling straps and key chains from coats and book bags. These items can get caught in the bus doors and on the handrails. Also, as the students walk down the bus aisle key chains swing and can strike other students in the face or arms.

The Indiana Code (I.C. 20-9.1-5-19) is as follows: “Discipline on the bus. When school children are being transported on a school bus, they are under the supervision, direction and control of the school bus and are subject to disciplinary measures by the bus driver and the governing body of the school corporation.”

If students choose to break the rules for bus conduct/safety guidelines or transportation procedures, it may result in any of the following steps:

  • Verbal warning and/or assigned seat by the bus driver.
  • Call to the parent by the bus driver.
  • Verbal report to the principal and parent.
  • Verbal report to the principal with possible conference including principal, student, and driver.
  • Verbal report to the principal which may result in loss of bus privileges for one to five days.
  • Verbal report to the principal which may result in the loss of bus privileges for a longer period of time or permanently.

In extreme cases any step in the process can be used. During any and all suspension periods, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide transportation for the student to and from school.

Any severe behavior such as violence, defiance of the driver’s instructions, destruction of property, or interference with the overall safe transportation of the children on the part of any student or parent may result in immediate removal of that person by school or law enforcement officials.