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We’re highlighting a teacher every Wednesday as a part of the #RedForEd campaign.

Every year is a great year to celebrate our teachers, but this year has shined a bright light on the flexibility and compassion of our incredible staff.

Today we’re highlighting Mrs. Tammy Skinner, a Reading Recovery/Title I teacher at Farrington Grove Elementary School.

What motivates you?
I have to say that our students are my biggest motivator. Working with children is very rewarding to me in so many ways. They make me laugh. They say and do funny things all the time. They make me feel like I have a purpose. Watching them grow and learn is the best thing ever! They might not all learn at the same time or in the same way, but they do all learn. Baby steps or giant leaps, it doesn’t matter. My colleagues are a very close second. I am blessed to work with great staff members that encourage each other and share ideas together.

How has your job changed due to COVID?
I had a new experience at the beginning of this school year that required me to learn quite a bit of technology skills. I was a hybrid first grade teacher for a few weeks. That was a challenge in many ways. I sure enjoyed seeing the kiddos on our Google Meets everyday for math and reading, but I definitely prefer face to face. The masks make it challenging for all teachers to hear what the students say and vice versa, but we make it work!

What is something that people don’t understand about your job?
I have a dual job. Two great jobs in one. Part of my day, I am a Reading Recovery teacher. I work one on one with my Reading Recovery students every day. Daily lessons are individualized and planned for each student based on what they already know. The other part of my day, I am a Title One teacher. We are a schoolwide Title One school and this allows me as well as our three other Reading Recovery/Title One Teachers the opportunity to work with any student in our school. We go into the classrooms to work with students or pull students out in small groups to work with them. This job allows us to work with many students and teachers.

Why do you love VCSC/your school?
I have lived and or worked in Vigo County all my life. I can say that I had several great teachers throughout my years as a student in the VCSC, and I have worked with a great deal of wonderful staff members that have become like family to me over my many years of teaching. The Farrington Grove staff is a very caring and thoughtful school family. I have always felt blessed to be a part of VCSC.

Be sure to check back on #Staffurday–Saturday, that is–as we recognize members of our non-teaching staff. We’ll continue both campaigns through the end of the school year.