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The Vigo County School Corporation is proud to call for nominations for the second annual class of the Vigo County School Corporation Circle of Honor.

The purpose of Circle of Honor is to recognize those who have dignified Vigo County Schools through a commitment to excellence and their contributions to Vigo County, as well as celebrate those who have a connection with the Vigo County School Corporation.

“Last year’s class showed our community that we have many distinguished people who have brought honor to our community and our schools,” said Dr. Robert Haworth, superintendent of schools. “We look forward to inducting another class of luminaries to the Circle of Honor this spring.”

The COH is unique in that it features prominent alumni of Vigo County Schools and includes worthy members of staff, administration, and the community that have contributed to Vigo County Schools throughout its history. A member may not have necessarily attended Vigo County Schools.

The only actual requirement for an inductee is a commitment to excellence that has brought honor to our school district. The COH should include a diverse range of members/honorees in background, age, experience, historical representation, geographic representation, and achievements. The Circle of Honor is open to the entire district and will not conflict with individual schools’ recognition of their alumni and/or school community members.

Nominations will be accepted from September 13 until October 16, 2022. To nominate a deserving individual, visit the online submission form at or visit the Vigo County School Corporation Administration Building at 501 W. Olive St., West Terre Haute, IN, 46885 for a physical nomination form. Nominations will be considered by the Circle of Honor committee, comprised of community leaders and school officials.

The inaugural class was recognized on April 18, 2022, and included:

Mr. Robert “Bob” Fischer

Mr. Jim Mann

Mrs. Katherine Utley

Mr. Bob Baesler

Dr. Iverson Bell, Sr.

Dr. Kristina (McKee) Box

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Mr. Carl Riddle

Ms. Carolyn Roberts

Mrs. Susie Dewey

Mr. Alan Hill

Mr. Darrell Roundtree

The Honorable Birch Bayh, Jr.

Mrs. Trannie Grainger

Mr. Don Smith

Mrs. Coral Cochran

Mr. Bobby Moore

Mr. George Waugh