Our School

Established in 1947, Otter Creek has served as a high school, a junior high school, and an elementary school during its existence. Since 1993 Otter Creek has been a middle school comprised of grades six through eight. Situated on a nearly 30 acre campus in North Terre Haute, Otter Creek Middle School serves as the largest middle school, and third largest school in the Vigo County School Corporation with an enrollment over 800 students.

Our Mission

Otter Creek Middle School provides all students an equal opportunity to learn by maintaining high expectations for student learning and supporting a variety of instructional practices. Otter Creek Middle School ensures a climate of mutual respect and responsibility by working cooperatively with all stakeholders, while providing a safe and physically comfortable environment. Teachers, administrators, parents and community members work cooperatively to encourage and support continual growth and academic achievement for ALL students.

Every Child
Every Chance
Every Day
VCSC Mission

The Vigo County School Corporation will equip students with lifelong learning skills and prepare them to become productive and responsible citizens.

Changes to Our Building

Beginning the summer of 2021, our school will receive some exciting renovations and additions. See below for more information about the changes.

Understanding the Need

As the third largest school in Vigo County, Otter Creek Middle School lacks certain features and spaces needed to help our students, and teachers perform to the best of their abilities. Learn more here.


Otter Creek Middle School currently has two cafeterias. A reimagining of this space would provide many benefits, including much needed classroom spaces. Learn more here.

Music Facilities

Otter Creek Middle School’s music program is in need of certain amenities that other VCSC middle schools already enjoy. Changes to our music wing proposed in the overall building changes would help get our music program’s features on par with other schools. Learn more here.


Otter Creek Middle School is the largest middle school in the county, and also the only middle school without an auxiliary gym. The addition of a second gymnasium would provide many benefits to the students and staff of the school. Learn more here.