Ms. Barbee

Phone: (812) 462-4252
Email: jmb@vigoschools.org
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Below is the list of materials needed for my courses.  Please look under your course heading and have the appropriate items for class and bring them with you every day.


  • Chromebook
  • Pencil for Lab Drawings
  • Notebook is Optional

  • Chromebook
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Notebook (optional)
PBL:  Graduation Pathways

  • Chromebook
  • Notebook and Writing Tools are Optional
  • Always be respectful of the teacher’s right to teach, other students’ right to learn, and everyone in the classroom.
  • Be mindful of the weather.  You may need a jacket when we work outside in the gardens or umbrella to walk to class if raining.
  • Arrive to class on time every day with your Chromebook and something to write with.  I have a Classroom set of Books and Chromebook charging cables.  You will have all other related Office Supplies available in class as well
  • I will dismiss you at the end of class – NOT the bell.
Weekly Schedule

Monday: SRT – Information provided

Tuesday: SRT – Makeup tests and tutoring

Wednesday: SRT – Clubs

Thursday: SRT – Makeup tests and tutoring

Friday: SRT – Makeup tests and tutoring

Daily Schedule

8:10-8:55:  First Hour

9:00-9:45:  Second Hour

9:50-10:20:  SRT

10:25-11:10:  Third Hour 

11:15-12:45:  Fourth Hour & Lunch Periods 

     A   11:15-11:45  Lunch 

           11:50-12:45  Class

     B   11:15-11:43  Class

           11:45-12:15  Lunch 

           12:20-12:45  Class

     C   11:15-12:13  Class 

           12:15-12:45  Lunch

12:50-1:35:  Fifth Hour 

1:40-2:25:  Sixth Hour

2:30-3:15:  Seventh Hour

Two Hour Delay Schedule

10:10-10:40:  First Hour

10:45-12:15:  Fourth Hour & Lunch Periods

     A   10:45-11:15  Lunch 

           11:20-12:15  Class

     B   10:45-11:13  Class

           11:15-11:45  Lunch 

           11:50-12:15  Class

     C   10:45-11:43  Class 

           11:45-12:15  Lunch

12:20-12:50:  Second Hour

12:55-1:25:  Third Hour 

1:30-2:00:  Fifth Hour 

2:05-2:35:  Sixth Hour

2:40-3:15:  Seventh Hour

(Announcements at 3:10-3:15)