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South Vigo’s Clubs and Organizations

South Vigo High School has a variety of Clubs and Organizations and encourages every student to get involved and belong to a club or organization.  We provide time a wide variety of clubs and organizations from traditional to newly created.  It is our belief that if a student becomes involved in a club or organization, it will enrich their learning environment.

S.T.A.N.D. Club

S.T.A.N.D. Club is a student led movement to end mass atrocities such as genocide.


Mrs. Grabowski, Mrs. Luna-Schatz


Room 147

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STAND Club [Student-Led Movement to End Mass Atrocities] is selling a new and creative Camel shirt, designed by senior Mabrey Manning. This year the shirt is a vibrant blue! You have several options:  T-shirt is $12; long sleeve T-shirt is $17; and a crewneck sweatshirt is $25.  Please consider buying yourself a cool-looking shirt and supporting STAND’s fundraising efforts to donate to several local and global nonprofit organizations. You can order online or order in person. To order please see or email Mrs. Grabowski or Ms. Luna Schatz or order online:

Link Crew


Mr. Stephens, Ms. Buttiglieri, and Mrs. Luna-Schatz


Various Locations including Homeroom

Link Crew is a service club assisting our Freshmen students to get adjusted from middle school to high school.  Each Freshmen group is paired with Upper Classmen, who will assist them in getting acquainted with all aspects of their education at South!

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The Tribe


Ms. Wilkins, Mrs. DePasse and Mrs. Amodeo


Room 318

The Tribe wants to bring craziness back to the student section at athletic events one fan at a time!!  Our goal is to increase student attendance and fun at Terre Haute South sporting events.  Join us and have fun “Backing the Braves” this season!!  (Max. 50)     Twitter is @THSouthTribe



Mrs. Schaefer


Room 156

A social and service organization doing fun and community service activities, dedicated to the ideal of “Service Above Self”.   Part of the worldwide Rotary International organization.

Club List

African American Club



African American Club is a club that is open to everyone at THS, that celebrates diversity and culture of many African American cultures and backgrounds. We do planning, fundraising, and host events that are aimed at celebrating that rich history and diversity such as Black History Month.

Asian American Club



Asian-American club is a club that is open to everyone at THS, that celebrates diversity and culture of many Asian cultures and backgrounds. We do planning, fundraising, and host events that are aimed at celebrating that rich history and diversity such as Chinese New Year, Bollywood Night, & Culture Day.

Band Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Murphy and Mr. Norris

Location:  Band Room

Band Club is for students who are currently enrolled in band. The purpose of the club is to learn about music opportunities during and after high school.

Braves Boutique Club

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Gropp and Ms. Marrs

Location:  Room 319

Working on fundraisers to assist students and their families.  Organizing clothing and sorting to make more efficient for students. Collecting/organizing hygiene items, toiletries etc . Helping students prepare for interviews, JROTC, Prom.

Braves Buddies

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Vincent Ms. Yarborough, and Mrs. Trammel

Location:  Room 310

Peer mentoring group.

Chess Club

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Hull

Location:  Room 317

The first Wednesday we learn a new opener and the third Wednesday we learn a new checkmate move.   Come join our club.

DECA (Max. 30)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Craft and Mrs. Buck

Location:  Room 158

Activities and preparation for DECA community service projects, competitions, and other events. Must be enrolled in a marketing class at least one trimester during the year.

Drama Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Boyce

Location:  Room 143

The drama club will be playing theatre games, watching videos of theatrical productions, and assisting in creating props, set pieces, costume pieces and any other necessary materials for the school’s theatrical productions.

Fellowship for Christian Athletes / Youth for Christ Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Kraemer

Location:  Room 210

FCA can help you unite your two passions, faith and athletics, to impact the world for Jesus Christ.  YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotions to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.

Females in Technology (FIT)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Schulz

Location:  Room 221

An organization of young women that support, encourage, and partner with one another to advance toward a technical, engineering, or manufacturing career field of their choice by creating a community that shares a common vision and engages in professional development, community service, and other events.


Sponsor(s):  Mr. Denham

Location:  Room 221

Traveling to State and National FFA conventions (national convention has concerts and rodeos).

Freshman Senate

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Farmer

Location: 136

Must be a member of the Freshman Senate.

German Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Schafer

Location:  Room 114

We welcome any and all students who express interest in learning about the German culture in any and every facet (the people, the history, the customs, the language, international relations, etc.). The first and foremost goal of German Club is to promote German cultural awareness by providing educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to members to enjoy German-related events.

GSA Club (Max. 35)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Cooper

Location:  Room 104

If you identify as LGBTQ+ or support the community as an ally,  join us! – membership form must be on file.


Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Baughman

Location:  Room 160

HOSA (Future Health Professionals) is a student-led organization to empower future health professionals to become leaders. Students must be Juniors or Seniors and enrolled in first year and/or second year Health Careers pathway to join HOSA.

Sponsor(s):  1SG Roberts

Location:  JROTC Room

JROTC Club is a military based program that instills leadership, time management and steps to improving confidence skills.


Sponsor(s):  Ms. Sollars

Location:  Room

Must be a member of Junior Senate.

Key Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Sedgewick

Location:  Room 218

Key Club is a world wide service club.   Must be a member to participate.

Applications for Key Club will be distributed at our first call out meeting in Room 218

National Honor Society

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Kyle

Location:  Room 138

The National Honor Society (NHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  These four pillars have been associated with membership in the organization since its inception in 1921.  Applications and faculty approval required!


Sponsor(s):  Dr. Rowshandel, Ms. Wilkins, Mr. Herrin

Location:  Library during SRT

“Our mission is to foster a culture of inclusivity and promote diversity in all aspects of our school-community. Through our actions, we aim to educate, empower, and advocate to build a more equitable and just environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.”  Click the link for a club application.

 OPOC Application Link

Link Tree for OPOC

Rocketry Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Davies

Location:  Room 133

Get an egg to fly a certain number of feet with rocket specifications without breaking!  Come join the fun!

Rocketry Club Website

 Senior Senate

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Utterback

Location:  Room 129

Must be a member of Senior Senate.

Skills USA

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Card

Location:  Room 213

Career competitions showcase the best in career and technical education students in the United States.

Sophomore Senate

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Jones

Location:  Room

Must be a member of Sophomore Senate.

Super Mileage Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Dillion

Location:  Room 219

Super Milage Club is fun and challenging as the club designs, builds, tests, and competes with a completed fuel efficient car. Please talk to Mr. Dillion or Ms. Thompson if you are interested in joining this exciting and fun club.

Student Council

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Depasse

Location: 319

Must be a member of Student Council.  Below are Student Council’s Social Media Links.

Link Tree