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Meet Mrs. Deady

Phone: (812) 462-4445

Kristin Deady
Hometown- Terre Haute,Indiana

Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from Indiana State University

Reading Recovery degree Purdue University
Master’s in Early Childhood Development from IWU
Master’s in Administration from Indiana State University

water bottle

 5 pack of white t-shirts

 school box

color pencils

2 boxes of crayons


pencil top erasers

10 pencils (sharpened)

2 black dry erase markers

small clean old sock ( use as eraser)

Optional : Kleenex, plain paper plates, white paper sacks, paper towels

Wish list- We will ask for snacks to eat during math time dur to our early lunch time. During Math at 1:00, we use snacks to learn to count- Large bags of cereals/animal crackers/pretzels/goldfish are perfect.

Optional donations- paper plates, zip lock bags, and Kleenex

Basic Rules

Room #105 Deady’s Classroom Rules

The following will be our classroom rules that we will focus on this school year.

  • Helping others

  • Listening to others

  • Quiet voices

  •  Hands to yourself

  • Raising hand before speaking

  • Walking feet in the school building

  • Treating others with kindness

  • Using positive words with others

The class will follow a discipline plan using an Economy System. As a positive reward, students will receive “Deady Dollars” to purchase items from prize box weekly.

Weekly Encore Schedule

Monday:           Physical Education

Tuesday:           Art

Wednesday:    Music

Thursday:        Library

Friday:              Lab & Weekly Counselor Visit

Daily Classroom Schedule

8:15-10:30      Reading/Language Arts

10:30-11:00    Social Studies

11:00-11:40    Lunch/Recess/Restroom Break

11:45-12:00     Writing/Spelling

12:00-12:40    Encore (Art, Music, PE, Library, Computer Lab)

12:40-1:30     Math

1:30-2:00      Stations

2:00-2:15      Recess

2:15-2:35       Storytime         

2:35-2:40        Dismissal

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