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My name is Ms. Luann Modesitt, and I love being a 3rd grade teacher at Davis Park Elementary School. Before coming to Davis Park, I graduated from Indiana State University. I taught at Chauncey Rose Middle School and West Vigo Elementary School before coming to Davis Park.
My favorite subject to teach is math. I think that it is always fun and exciting to learn. I also enjoy sharing read alouds with my class. Our classroom is a fun place, and we love our guinea pig, Andy! I love being a part of the chess club and running club after school groups.
When I’m not at school, you can find me playing my french horn around town or volunteering for the Terre Haute Humane Society. I enjoy spending time with my family, and traveling to my favorite place ever, Disney World!

Davis Park Elementary School 3rd Grade Supply List 20212022

2 Notebooks

One box of crayons or colored pencils

2 glue sticks

1 pair of scissors


2 two pocket folders

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 packages of pencils and erasers

1 package of skinny markers

Dry Erase markers (1 package of 4)

2 packages of Ziploc bags (1 qt size and 1 gallon size)

1 package of disinfectant wipes

2 rolls of paper towels

1 small container for student supplies (pencil box)


Optional: Loose Leaf Paper

Optional: Clean, dry sock to be used as an eraser for dry erase markers

Daily:clean reusable water bottle (to refill in the water fountain-needs to be cleaned each night)

Daily:clean mask

  • Hand Sanitzer
  • Clorox wipes
  • White paper bags
  • Always be respectful of the teacher’s right to teach, other students’ right to learn, and everyone in the classroom.
  • NO cell phone or gum in my classroom.
  • Arrive to class on time every day with ALL your needed books and supplies.
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