• Urban school
  • Pre-Kindergarten – 5th grade
  • Approximately 350 students
  • 17 regular classrooms
  • 3 special needs classrooms
  • Our mascot is the Dolphin
  • School colors are gray and burgundy

Davis Park Elementary School’s administration, staff, students, parents, and patrons share in the responsibility of working together to meet the needs of all students. Our purpose is to foster a learning environment structured to provide students with

  • the ability to function as an effective group member
  • an academic foundation which promotes a life long interest in learning
  • independent, informed thinking and problem solving strategies
  • competent communication skills, and
  • a sense of respect for self, others, and the environment.

Davis Park Elementary consists of active, involved learners who are engaged in appropriate, relevant, and authentic learning that truly recognizes the individual. The entire staff values learning as a life long process for themselves and for the students. The school community understands its important role and accepts responsibility for promoting an enhanced learning environment.

Our Handbook
Our History

On January 1900, the Terre Haute School Board began negotiations with Mrs. William G. Davis in regard to renting her property on Poplar Street for the use as a school. The Davis family lived in a large home on the site of the present school. The home was surrounded by beautiful trees and a spacious lawn. The Davis homestead became the 20th District School, and in 1903 the School Board purchased the property.

The School Board minutes of February 19,1910, first made use of the name Davis Park. The name Davis came from the former owners of the property and the use of “park” in the name was in all probability chosen because the grounds resembled a park. In February, 1910, the planning began for a new building to be constructed on the same site which ran from Poplar to Walnut Streets with a 300 foot frontage on Eighteenth Street.

Davis Park Principal Miss Anna C. Higgins and her teachers welcomed pupils to a new building in September, 1912.

Ground breaking ceremonies on May 9, 1987, marked the beginning of the current facility. On November 14, 1988, a dedication ceremony was held for the second new building named Davis Park.  A great deal of planning was done to insure the needed space, the equipment, and the physical environment aided in the total educational development of the children. The school increased in the number of students, staff, and programs offered. The student body and staff demonstrate a great deal of pride in the beauty and functionality of the building.

Mr. George Thompson, former Principal, is quoted, “I deem it a pleasure and an honor to have had a part in the planning, the formation, and the operation of this third institution which bears the name of Davis Park School.”

Today, the building is not “new”, but there is still a great deal of pride generated by the students, staff, and the community.

Facilities Report – Voluntary Indoor Air Quality Test 2024