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Email: see@vigoschools.org

Welcome to Mrs. Edington’s Webpage!!

Welcome to first grade!! My name is Mrs. Skye Edington. I have been teaching for the Vigo County School Corporation since 2014 and have taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. I graduated in 2013 from Indiana State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education/Reading.

I love teaching our youth and enjoy watching the growth that takes place in these primary years. Fostering a love of learning, reading, friendships, and self confidence is my goal as a teacher.

I am married to Mr. Edington (Nick) and have two amazing children. I have one son that is 6 and a daughter that is 1. In my free time I love to walk in the parks, travel, read, and be creative through many forms of crafting. I also enjoy watching my children learn and grow.

This year, I will be on an extended childcare leave of absence and plan to return in the 2023-2024 school year. My substitute teacher, Mrs. Teasa Johnson, will be teaching in my place this school year. I know our Sugar Bears will have a great year!

I wish you all the best this year!


Mrs. Edington


  • 2 boxes of 24 crayons
  • 2 packages of pre-sharpened #2 pencils (no mechanical)
  • 1 box of pre- sharpened colored pencils
  • 1 pair of metal scissors (child safe)
  • 6 packs of glue sticks
  • 1 large box of tissues
  • 2 basic folders (with pockets on the bottom)
  • 2 vinyl/plastic folders (red) for daily home/school use (these need to have the bottom pockets, not the ones on the side, please) – No 3 ring binders
  • 1 box of gallon sized bags
  • 2 broad-tip yellow highlighters
  • 6 (black) dry erase markers
  • 1 plastic school box (that closes securely & will fit in a student sized desk)
  • 1 Primary (k-2) Composition Notebook (cardboard cover) for journal writing- please no spiral bound notebook.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Download supply list

These items are 100% voluntary and are used frequently in the classroom. Your donation of these items help our classroom in many ways. Thank you!!

  • Post-it notes
  • Extra composition notebooks
  • Extra #2 pencils
  • Extra crayons
  • Extra glue sticks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Play-doh-like craft dough
  • Incentive Stickers
  • Extra ((black)) dry erase markers
  • Always be respectful of the teacher’s right to teach, other students’ right to learn, and everyone in the classroom.
  • NO cell phone or gum in the classroom.
  • Arrive to class on time every day with ALL of your needed books and supplies!
  • Be ready to learn!
  • Be kind to everyone!