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Miss Robins!

Phone: (812) 462-4451
Email: rmr@vigoschools.org

About Me

Welcome to kindergarten! I am so glad you are here! 

     My name is Ms. Robins and I have taught at Fayette since 2016. I am excited for our year in kindergarten because it will be a year of amazing growth and learning!

  I went to elementary school in Vigo County, just like you! I attended Sugar Grove Elementary and Sarah Scott Middle School in Terre Haute. When I was 15, I moved four hours away from here and I graduated from Michigan City High School in 2010. I moved back to this area and went to college at ISU, where I got my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

  We will get to know each other very well throughout the year, but I know you are probably curious about your new teacher, so I will share a little bit about myself and my family! I am the oldest of three siblings and I have 12 nieces and nephews. I live in Terre Haute with my husband, our little boy, and 5 cats! I cannot wait to get to know you and learn about your family!

  Throughout the year, we will work very hard, but we will also have a lot of fun! I look forward to spending the year helping you learn and grow!


Ms. Robins

About my Classroom

Class Goals

  • Become an independent and responsible learner.
  • Give 100% each day.
  • Set and work toward individual goals.
  • Be a positive & contributing classroom citizen.

Academic Information

Kindergarten is year of amazing growth and learning. As you can imagine, 5-6 year olds need a lot of hands-on practice and movement. We will begin the year with a lot of songs, dances, and hands-on playing to learn. Many of our activities will include fine-motor skill practice to build the muscles in our hands. The students need this hand strength before they are able to color or write effectively. Our first few academic focus areas will be alphabet letter names, letter sounds, numbers 1-10 and what they mean, and a few basic shapes.

As students develop and grow, we will move more into small group work and will complete reading stations and math centers. When students have mastered our first group of focus skills, we move on to blending letter sounds to read, writing, and addition and subtraction within 10. Eventually we would like the students to be able to read kindergarten-level books, write 2-3 sentences, and be able to recognize numbers 1-100. Throughout the year, we will still have a lot of movement, but students will also be expected to be able to complete some worksheets, as well as activities on their Chromebooks.




Fayette Office: 812-462-4451

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions! Also, if students have a change in dismissal, the office or I must be notified. We are not allowed to take a student’s word. I check my email multiple times a day, so that is usually the best way to reach me. However, if something is urgent, like a change in dismissal and I do not respond to you, please call the office to make sure someone is notified.


You can also choose to send me a paper note, but please make sure it is in the daily folder or Tuesday folder if you do this. The first few weeks, I try to check the students’ backpacks daily. After I have them trained to turn in their folders, I will check their folders, and will no longer look through their backpack unless something is missing.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

I will contact you to set up a conference. The conferences will be held in late October when report cards for the first quarter have been completed. We will review the report card together and talk about strengths, concerns, and goals for the rest of the year. More information will be sent in early October.


Reading Bags

Reading is a critical element to a successful education. Each subject requires reading. Students must read regularly to increase their comprehension, vocabulary, and stamina. Because of this, reading is a major focus in kindergarten. We begin with naming letters, then work on letter sounds, then move into sounding out 3-letter words.

Your student will have a reading bag with items that they should practice often (I know daily may not be feasible for families, so as often as you can). Each week, I will add our books and sight words of the week. Please keep all items in the bag, as we need them all year. Also, keep the reading bag in the backpack when not in use, as the kids turn-them in daily to use in small group reading and for me to add items.

Daily Folder

Folders will come home each night and should be brought back to school each day.  Homework packets are due on Friday. These packets include a page that practices our sight words of the week, handwriting, and one of the main math topics of the week. The kids are not punished if they do not finish their homework, but I do have them complete it with me on Friday, if needed. Our weekly newsletter will be in this folder, which includes our topics/skills for the week. If you have a question or concern you may put a note in the folder, I check them daily (or email me ☺).

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Kind

I use multiple incentive programs, including praise, stickers, and a prize box to encourage students to meet expectations. There will also be consequences if expectations are not being met.  

In many cases, I will send a quick note or email to let you know if your student was given a consequence for a poor choice. The first few weeks of school, I give the students time to learn the rules. My expectations will be modeled repeatedly and we will often talk about our routines and rules. After that, students will begin receiving warnings, then time-outs and reteaching of the expectations.

If your student is not meeting expectations repeatedly, I will contact you so we can work together on a solution. I do not agree with taking away recess unless absolutely necessary, so I like to let parents brainstorm ideas if what I usually do does not work out.☺

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Art 

Tuesday: Counselor 

Wednesday: Library (Miss Pavelka)

Thursday: P.E. (Mrs. Goble)

Friday: Music (Miss Lawson)

Daily Schedule

8:00—Morning Work



9:30—Language Arts Centers (small groups take turns w/ Miss Robins, while other groups work on their own)

10:10—Intervention/Enrichment (Whatever I feel the kids need)

10:40—Clean up/wash hands



11:30—Read Aloud, Calendar 

12:20—Special Area Class



1:55—Science, Social Studies, or Health

2:30—Clean Up