About Fayette

Welcome to the Fayette Family!

Fayette Elementary is located in the town of New Goshen. We love our students, their families, and our local community. We like to think of our school community as one big family and we are glad you are here!

Mission Statement
Fayette Elementary School, in active partnership with students, parents, and the community, provides a safe and challenging environment where each child:
1. utilizes thinking strategies to develop reading comprehension through a variety of reading materials.
2. learns to communicate effectively through writing.
3. experiences and solves real world math problems.
4. develops technology skills that are utilized in a variety of subjects.
Vision statement

Fayette Elementary School is a safe and nurturing place where all students, staff, and parents collaborate to develop well-rounded, lifelong learners who strive to be contributing members of their community.

Facilities Report – Voluntary Indoor Air Quality Test 2024