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The 4th Grade Caldecott Art Show was made possible by a grant recieved from the Education Foundation.  Caldecott books are those that have won awards based on the illustrations.  Both classes chose pictures from Caldecott award books and authors and created sculptures based on the artwork.  This is displayed in the case outside the Art Room.  The books used were:

All the World by Scanlon, A Child’s Calendar by Updike (They also all received a copy of this), Swimmy by Lionnni, The Undefeated by Alexander, The Little Engine that Could by Piper, Alphabet City by Johnson, Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak, Owl Moon by Yolen, Saturday by Mora, Smokey Night by Bunting, Going Down Home with Daddy by Lyons, Bear Came Along by Morris, Moses by Weatherford, Double Bass Blues by Loney, Ella Sarah Gets Dressed by Chodos-Irvine, and Polar Express by Van Allsburg.