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Ms. Reynolds

Phone: (812) 462-4361 10:40-11:20 and 1:45-2:20


  Welcome! I am so happy to have you in 8th grade science. This class is focused  on hands – on learning through labs, projects, and  more. In traditional classrooms, students often struggle to master material because we operate on a “one size fits all” framework: one instructor teaches all students the same lesson on the same day, regardless of students’ prerequisite skills, attendance patterns, unique academic needs, or social-emotional experiences. Through the Modern Classrooms Project, a non-profit organization founded by teachers, I have been trained in a research-based instructional model to reimagine teaching and learning. I have pre-recorded each lesson on video, so students can access my instruction and utilize it in a way that best fits their needs. These instructional videos free me up to work with students in smaller groups, re-teaching and addressing misunderstandings in the moment.

West Vigo Middle School Mission Statement 

We will provide a safe, positive learning environment that promotes continuous growth and lifelong learning. 


We believe at West Vigo that every student has the capability to succeed and that  success for each student is going to have a different meaning. In order to help  students achieve academically.  

Amazon WISH LIST - Thank you so much!!!!!
Supply List 23-24

Pencils, pens, paper, folder, and either a can of lysol wipes or roll of paper towels.