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Mrs. Weeks

Phone: (812) 462-4441

Jana Weeks Teacher Of Art!

Jana Weeks!
I am the Art teacher!

I teach grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade.

I have an MFA from Indiana State University.

I am a Terre Haute resident! I love our city and living here!

I love teaching art! There is no where I would rather be!

Art Supplies are always welcomed.

We can always use any donations you want to drop off!

  • Crayons!
  • Pencils!
  • Markers!
  • Scissors!
  • Glue!
  • Paper!
  • Toliet Paper Rolls!
  • Masking Tape!
  • Soap!
  • Posterboard!
  • Paper bags!
  • Be Respectful: Of Others Feelings, Artwork and Space!
  • Be Responsible: For Your Supplies, Artwork and Choices! Make Sure You Clean Your Mess Up!
  • Be Courteous! Let the Teacher Teach! Raise Your hand! Please Use Your Inside Voice!
  • Be Creative! Do Your BEST! TRY! Use Your Imagination!
  • 1. Verbal Warning!
  • 2. Write the Rules!
  • 3. Write an Art Report!
  • 4. Call PARENT!
Weekly Schedule
Daily Schedule

8:30-9:10:  FORTH GRADE!

9:20-10:00:  FIFTH GRADE!

10:10-10:50: THIRD GRADE!

11:00-11:40: FIRST GRADE!

12:50-1:30: KINDERGARTEN!

1:40-2:20: SECOND GRADE!