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Welcome to Ms. Hunt’s 1st Grade

Phone: (812) 462-4307

Hi! My name is Shelly Hunt!

I have been teaching 25 years! I absolutely love what I do! I have taught 1 year in Transition 1st grade, 1 year in 2nd grade and 23 years in 1st grade! Most of my teaching career was spent at West Vigo Elementary but I recently moved here to Rio Grande. I attended Rio Grande a “few” years ago! It is definitely nice to be back. I won a Golden Apple in 2005 while teaching 1st grade. I was truly grateful for receiving such an amazing award for just doing what I love to do. Teaching has been all I have ever wanted to do since I was a little girl. I am so thankful every day to be doing a job I love. My students are just that “my” students and it is an honor to be able to teach each of them all I can during the year I have them.

I have three beautiful, amazing and talented daughters! My favorite job has always been being their mom. Allison is 27 , Emilee is 24, and Adlee is 17 and a Junior at Terre Haute North. They are my best accomplishments! We enjoy spending time together. Whether its traveling to the beach, Holiday World or staying right here in town, we like spending as much time as we can together.

Some of my favorite things are: Coffee, chocolate, the Colts, racing, using social media with other teachers to get lots of new ideas, and reading whenever I can. I am looking forward to a GREAT year!

First Grade Supply List—2022-2023

  •         2 boxes of crayons
  •         1 pair of scissors (blunt)
  •         2 large boxes of tissues
  •         1 plastic school box (not the large one)
  •         48 or 2 boxes of 24 (number 2) pencils
  •         2 packs of twistable colored pencils
  •         6 glue sticks
  •         1 large pink eraser
  •         1 small box of pencil top erasers
  •         2 plastic purple folders with prongs
  •         8 dry erase markers (fine-tip, black)
  •         Over the ear headphones NO earbuds


We would appreciate, but don’t require these items:  Paper towels, quart and/or gallon zip top baggies


Please no Trapper Keepers, paints, three ring binders or notebooks.  We will provide writing paper.


Chromebook Supplies

  • Ear Buds or headphones
  • (optional) Wireless Mouse
  • (optional) Keyboard Cover

We would appreciate, but don’t require these items:

paper towels and quart and gallon Ziploc baggies

  1. Follow Directions Quickly
  2. Raise Your Hand
  3. Make Smart Choices
  4. Keep Your Dear Teacher Happy
Weekly Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Computer Lab/Counseling with Miss Eup

Thursday: Media Center

Friday: Music

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:15 Morning Arrival/Announcements/Pledge

8:15-8:30 Morning STEAM tubs/SRC quizzes

8:30-8:45 Calendar

8:45-9:00 Rocket Math

9:00-9:30 EveryDay Math 

9:30-11:00 90 Minute Reading Block

11:00-11:40 Lunch/Recess

11:40-12:00 Read Aloud

12:00-12:40 Encore

12:40-1:15 I/E

1:15-145 Writing

1:45-2:00 Recess

2:00-2:30 Science/Social Studies/Health

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Classroom Stories