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Welcome to
Mrs. White’s

Phone: (812) 462-4449

Meet Mrs. White!

Hi! My name is Mrs. White, and I am the art teacher at Riley Elementary. I’ve always loved making all kinds of things, and I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be an art teacher so I could share that with all of you! I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Design and then went to Indiana Wesleyan University to become a teacher. In addition to my many creative projects, in my free time I like to spend time with my husband and daughter and our dog, Clementine. We love to be outside and can often be found gardening, camping, hiking, or kayaking – after all, nature is the perfect source for artistic inspiration!

  • paper plates
  • aluminum foil
  • wax paper
  • empty water bottles
  • cereal boxes
  • used, clean sheets
  • tie dye
  • Be courteous and polite.

  • Be responsible.

  • Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.

Weekly Schedule
Monday: Mangin 5, Swan 4, Lovell 3, Jarvis 2, Johnson 1, Shore K
Tuesday: Fulsom 5, Titus 4, Watson 3, Toney, 2, Garrison 1, Nicosin K
Friday: Patterson 4, Pinkston 3, Higham 2, Howard 1, Holmes K