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Welcome to
Mr. Stewart’s

Phone: (812) 462-4449

Welcome to PE!

I’m a former West Vigo Viking and an Indiana State University graduate. I have 1 sister and 1 brother who is my twin! I also have a fur child named Tuck. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different sceneries outside of Terre Haute in my time away from school. I’m also a sports geek, so you’ll find me supporting local sporting events and teams.

Elementary School is an important time for children. During this time period, it is important for students to develop healthy habits, social skills, a sense of curiosity and to have fun! As an elementary physical education teacher, I believe that I have a unique opportunity to foster physical skill development, social skill development while the students are having a lot of fun.

Class Expectations (Please share with your child):

  • Students will come to class wearing proper clothing and footwear
    • Dress appropriately for the weather!
    • Wear closed-toe shoes. (Tennis shoes)
  • Students will respect the teacher and other students by:
    • Using kind, positive language
    • Listening when the teacher or others are speaking
    • Cleaning up equipment at the end of the activity.
    • Using equipment in the proper way—Doing their best not to break equipment
    • Playing fairly and by the rules.
  • Students will give good effort by participating in all activities, even if not their favorite.
  • Students will inform the teacher if they are ill or injured. (please send a written note)
    • The teacher will try to find an appropriate task for the student
Weekly Schedule

Monday: Lorem ipsum

Tuesday: Lorem ipsum

Wednesday: Lorem ipsum

Thursday: Lorem ipsum

Friday: Lorem ipsum

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30:  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

8:30-10:00:  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

10:00-10:15: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

10:15-11:15: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

11:15-12:00: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

12:00-12:30: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

12:30-1:00: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

1:00-1:40: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

1:45-2:25: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

2:25-2:35: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet