Welcome to the Technology homepage of
Mr. J. Kirby

My name is Jason Kirby. My degree is in Technology & Engineering Education. After working in industry for almost 20 years, I began teaching at Woodrow Wilson in January 2019.

I teach 6th grade Intro to Technology, Construction & Transportation; 7th grade Manufacturing; and 8th grade Robotics. An interesting connection is that my Great Great Grandfather, William B.S. Caton and his son, built Woodrow Wilson, and my mother graduated from here. This is a fun fact to share with my students and provides an extra connection.

I have always enjoyed helping people make connections and gain a better understanding of the world around them. I began teaching at the age of 15 while studying Taekwondo. Once I achieved my first Black Belt, I started teaching my fellow adults in the colored belt classes and my love of teaching was born. I taught Martial Arts for 5 years until I graduated High School. I look forward to getting back into it one day, as well as the possibility of starting a club here at the school.

My goal and philosophy on education is pretty simple: All students can learn. I desire to teach and expose willing learners to new concepts and ideas which they can pursue and explore with their high school, post high school education, and future careers. I hope that the new concepts I introduce to them will ignite their imaginations and help to provide them with a lifetime of wonderment and adventure.

On a personal note, I have been married to my wife, Janet, for 6 years, together for 10. She works in Greencastle as a SLP for Greencastle public schools. We live over by Paris, IL. with our son Wyatt and three cats, Princess Mooch, Precious Punky, and Magnus Geronimo.