Mrs. Lovell’s

3rd Grade


Phone: (812) 462-4449


Hi. My name is Lindsay Lovell. I am excited to be your child’s teacher this year! This is my eighth year teaching and my fourth year in 3rd Grade at Riley Elementary. My goal as a teacher is to cultivate a love for learning in a fun and respectful community. I have a passion for STEM education and aspire to provide many hands-on learning experiences for my students.

I was born and raised in West-Central Indiana. My family and I have called Terre Haute home for the past 11 years. We have grown to love this tight-knit community. My husband is a Civil Engineering professor at Rose-Hulman, and all three of our children have been or currently are Riley Racers. You are likely to find my family and I enjoying the outdoors, hiking, or visiting state parks.

  • 1 composition notebook
  • 1 pkg. loose leaf lined paper
  • 2 small glue sticks
  • 1 small bottle glue
  • 1 pair pointed scissors
  • 1 pkg. colored pencils
  • 1 pkg. dry erase markers and eraser
  • 1 pkg. markers
  • 2 highlighters
  • 1 box of crayons
  • 1 pink pearl eraser
  • 1 school supply box (5″x8″) – NO LARGER PLEASE
  • 24 pack pf #2 pencils (no mechanical or decorative, please)
  • 1 pkg. 4″x6″ ruled index cards
  • backpack (without wheels)
  • 4 plastic 3-pronged pocket folders (1 each red, green, blue, yellow)
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 1 box of gallon plastic zipper bags


  • BE RESPECTFUL of the teacher’s right to teach, other students’ right to learn, and everyone in the classroom.
  • BE READY by having the correct materials out and looking at and listening to the teacher.
  • BE RESPONSIBLE by bringing all required materials to school each day and turning in work on time.

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Computer/Counselor

Thursday: P.E.

Friday: Music


8:00-8:25:  Soft Start/Morning Meeting

8:25-9:05: I/E

9:05-10:35: Language Arts, Reading, Writing

10:35-11:15: Specials

11:15-11:30: Handwriting

11:30-11:50: Lunch

11:50-12:10: Recess

12:10-12:30: Read Aloud

12:30-1:30: Math

1:30-1:50: Science/Health

1:50-2:05: Recess

2:05-2:35: Social Studies

2:35: Pack-Up/Class Jobs

2:45: Dismiss

Weekly newsletters will be sent via email each week to parents. You can also find the newsletter posted in our “Homeroom” course on Canvas under “Newsletter.”