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I am an abstract mixed media artist; inspired by nature, animals, adventures, and fun.  The kids are always asking me “How did you become an artist?”
I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember; since I was old enough to pick things up and put them together. While growing up, I enjoyed making my own toys, dolls, stuffed animals, jewelry, and more. I used whatever I could; natural objects, found objects, recyclable objects, and special treasures. My grandmother often found herself short of aluminum foil, cotton balls, and cotton swabs whenever I visited, and my mom struggled to keep the plaster and wax filled whenever she brought me to work with her at the denture lab. Once my aunt taught me to sew, I’m sure she had a hard time staying stocked up on her sewing supplies, too. None of them ever seemed to mind that I was constantly using up their things for my creations. In fact, they were always encouraging me; telling me all the time that I am an artist. So, to answer my classroom kiddos, I guess I was just born that way.
I loved sharing my ideas and techniques with my friends, too. We imagined and created all sorts of things together over the years. As an adult, I have continued planning creative time with the people I love. I host paint and craft nights at my home quite often. Creating with others has always brought me joy, and that is why being an art teacher is the perfect job for me. This is my 18th year with the Vigo County School Corporation, and I treasure all the time I’ve had creating with my students. There’s nothing better than to see their uniqueness and personality shine out through their art.
As an art teacher, I hope to inspire and encourage my students to be free, take risks, have fun, and explore their individuality with wonder and confidence. In the classroom we work on skill building, exploration, creativity, and developing artistic style and voice as an artist. We learn from artists past and present, as well as each other.  The art room truly is a special place, and I am thankful to be there sharing the world of art with all of my students.