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Email: jer2@vigoschools.org

About  Mrs. Rogers
  • I was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan where I lived for 9 years. These are some
    things I do after living in Michigan.
    I point to my right hand to show people where I am from.
  • I drank ‘pop’. (But, since moving to Alaska, I now drink ‘soda’)
    When traveling to another state I couldn’t get used to throwing my pop cans
    away. (I used to pick up the cans on the side of the road for extra money as
    a kid. $.10 a can.)
  • Cheer on the Lions, even though I know they are going to lose. (My favorite
    team is the Chicago Bears. They don’t win either.)
  • When I was in third grade we moved to Alaska. My dad worked on the Alaska
    Pipeline. I grew up in Kenai, then I went to college at the University of Alaska
    Anchorage where I earned my teaching degree. While there, I taught grades 1-3.

The following are ways one can recognize my Alaskan roots.

  • Name their children after landforms, tree species or snow machine parts.
    (My dog’s name is Denali.)
  • Know what Bunny Boots are and have a pair.
  • Go to school in the dark and go home in the dark.
  • Have a legitimate excuse for being late to school when a moose is in their
    front yard.
  • STILL have to go to school even if 4 feet of snow fell the night before.
  • Sleep through an earthquake like nothing ever happened.


  • After living in Alaska from 22 years, I moved to Georgia to be with my husband
    who got stationed in Valdosta, Ga. There I taught 3 rd grade for 3 years. The
    following are some ways I figured I was no longer living in the North.
    In Georgia:
    They think people who complain about the heat in their state are sissies. ( I
    was a sissy. I hate the heat.)
  • Stores don’t have bags or shopping carts; they have sacks and buggies.
    Y’ALL is a word.
    When a single snowflake falls, the entire state shuts down, even if it
    doesn’t stick.
  •  You are 100% Georgian if you have ever had this conversation:

“You wanna Coke?”
“What kind?”
“Dr. Pepper”

(I actually heard this conversation a lot)

  • After 22 years in the Air Force, my husband to retired. We moved to Indiana
    where his family is from. When we moved here, I decided to get my masters in
    special education. I graduated from Indiana State University. I was proud to be
    a “Tree”. Prior to coming to Fuqua as the Behavior Interventionist, I was a special
    education teacher at Terre Town and Farrington Grove elementary schools.
    Things I tell my friends back home about living in Indiana:
  • People around these parts, prefer to end their sentences with a preposition
    (who needs proper grammar anyway?) This is something I have recently been
    catching myself doing. (UGH)
  • Getting stuck waiting for a train is a good reason for being late to school or
    work. (I didn’t realize railroaded was a word until I moved here.)
  • The idea of a really great tenderloin is when the meat is twice as big as the
    bun and accompanied only by ketchup and a dill pickle slice.
  • I have stopped moving from the couch when the storm warnings sound
  •  I’ve had to switch from “heat” to “A/C” in the same day.