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This folder has been prepared for you with the expectation that it will answer some questions which may arise from time to time.

It will provide information about your school and corporation policies and procedures. We believe that communication is essential between the home and the school if our mutual responsibility to the child is to be adequately fulfilled.



“Building on the strengths of our diverse community, we create an engaging, comprehensive, educational environment that supports the growth of lifelong learners.”


Our mission is to involve students, parents, staff, and community to increase reading and writing proficiency and math skills in all grades and to improve individual scores on ISTEP+.

vision statement

Our vision is to continue to increase proficiency in the areas of: reading, writing, and math skills in all grades and to improve individual scores on ISTEP+.


The textbook rental fee covers all textbooks and workbooks used during the school year. All parents are expected to make an effort to pay the book rental fee.

The fee is due the first day of school. If you cannot pay the fee at this time, please stop in the school office and make arrangements to take care of this in weekly or monthly payments. If parents feel that they meet the guidelines to receive textbook assistance, they are welcome to complete the necessary form and return it to the school office.

If your child loses or damages a book during the year, he/she will be expected to purchase a book at the replacement cost.



7:45 – 8:15 Breakfast Program

8:15 Instructional Day Begins

11:10 – 12:40 40 min. Lunch/Recess Periods

2:40 Dismissal Begins

Children should not arrive at school before 7:45 a.m., as there is no supervision prior to this time.



Listed are policies formed by participating parents and staff at Fuqua. The school is guided by the rights, responsibilities, and regulations as set forth in the “Student-Parent Guide” of the Vigo County School Corporation. These rules are being revised by the school board and the wording may change for the 2022-2023 school year. You are advised to check with the school or the VCSC website for revised language. Support and cooperation in adhering to policies ensures a safe learning environment for our students.


The School Protection Officer program in Vigo County employs special police officers at each school. The goal is to provide a safe and effective learning environment at every school. The officer has training that is provided by the Law Enforcement Academy or the Sheriff’s Department and a special orientation involving school rules and procedures. Visitors to our schools are asked to follow the school procedure for checking in and using courtesy when visiting. The police officer is present to deter crime or violence, but also to maintain a calm and  civil atmosphere. We ask for your assistance in this matter.


  • No shorts or skirts are to be worn that are shorter than the extended fingertips. If fingers touch skin, the skirt or shorts are too short. This includes slits in skirts.
  • Sleeveless tops are allowed if shoulder areas are covered. No shirts of sheer material, tank tops, cut-off shirts or tops with bare midriff, low necklines, or bare backs are to be worn.
  • No coats or jackets, headphones, backpacks, or purse backpacks are to be worn in the building. Backpacks must be placed in designated areas.
  • No hats, sunglasses, bandannas, caps, or full head coverings are to be worn in the building before or during school hours. This does not include headwear worn for religious purposes.
  • No article of clothing or accessory will be allowed that promotes, encourages, or advertises alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, violence, and/or sexual content. Clothing that intimidates, threatens, or disgraces a fellow student or staff member by means of a symbol or sign is not allowed.
  • Students are not allowed to wear spiked chains, bracelets, belts, etc. In addition, pocket or wallet chains are not to be worn.
  • No jeans/pants with rips, tears, holes, or long fringe are allowed. No leggings underneath holes (bike pants, etc.) Jeans are to be worn no lower than hip level. Apparel is to be appropriate and not present a danger to other students. No sagging is permitted.
  • No sleepwear clothing or slippers (unless on specified days).
  • Footwear should be comfortable and such that it is easy to walk or run in, rather than leading to clumsiness and noise. All sandals and open shoes are required to have a heel strap.
  • The administration reserves the right to judge any student’s dress appropriate or inappropriate and the prerogative of handling the situation as deemed necessary. After considerable distribution and discussion of the dress code, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken with those students who fail to comply with the guidelines.



Good discipline is needed for educational, social, and emotional growth. Students at Fuqua are responsible for their behavior at all times. Respect for all adults and other children is expected. Inappropriate behavior that interferes with the education of other students will not be tolerated. Parents are encouraged to discuss the importance of a positive attitude and good behavior with their child. Please help your school aged child avoid any problems for bringing items to school that could cause him/her to be disciplined. Those items include, but are not limited to, knives, weapons of any kind, medication (both prescription and over the counter), etc.



Bullying Reporting:

Parents, visitors and others should report bullying to the school principal the same day that the incident takes place. An investigation will take place and consequences will be assessed accordingly. Not all reported incidents fit the legal definition of bullying. For more information and a copy of the policy visit Due to confidentiality, the school may be limited in how much information can be given to anyone except the parent of the students involved.

Notice of Non-Discrimination Under Section 504/TITLE II

The policy of the Vigo County School Corporation is that there will be no discrimination made on the basis of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or handicap in the educational services or activities which it supports.

The School Corporation does not discriminate on the basis of disability or handicap in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its programs and activities. The school Corporation will comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), 29 U.S.C. 794, and its implementing regulations at 34 C.F.R. Part 104, or Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Title I), 42 U.S.C. 12131-12134, and its implementing regulations at 28 C.F.R. Part 35, in the operation of its schools and facilities.

Questions regarding implementation of this policy or regarding 504 or Title II should be directed to the School Corporation’s Section 504/Title II Coordinator:

For Students, please contact: For Employees, please contact:

Tom Balitewicz, Director of Student Services Michael Cox, Director of Human Resources

812-462-4224 or email: 812-462-4404 or email

Or by mail at 501 W. Olive St., West Terre Haute, IN  47885.



The Vigo County School Corporation prohibits gang activity and similar destructive or illegal  group behavior on school property or school buses or at school-sponsored functions. Employees are required to report any suspected gang incidents or activities in the schools or involving students or staff. Visitors and the general public are also encouraged to report such behavior to the school principal.

The Vigo County School Corporation has established a Criminal Gang Policy that can be found on the VCSC website and School Board policy handbook (policy JFB). Those who would like a copy of the full policy may download it from the VCSC website or request a full policy from the school principal, counselor or dean of any school in the VCSC or contact the Student Services department at 812-462-4224.

Generally the policy provides for reporting issues related to gang membership or use of gang signs or promoting gang activities as it effects a safe and secure school environment. It also provides protection for those who report gang issues to a school principal or staff member. Anyone suspecting the existence of gang activities among any student in the VCSC should report such suspicions to the school principal or staff and suggested resources may be provided to respond to such a concern.


Certain behaviors have been targeted as “zero tolerance” by our school board. Violating these rules will result in a recommendation for expulsion. At that time, a hearing will be scheduled to consider the violation. Behaviors that are “zero tolerance” include being involved in any activity that poses a clear and present danger, causing or attempting to cause harm to a school employee, threatening a school employee, possessing a weapon on school grounds, and transmitting drugs at school.

Seclusion and Restraint:

The Vigo County School Corporation supports the Seclusion and Restraint plan as adopted by the Covered Bridge Special Education District. The use of such is a last resort and as a means to maintain a safe and orderly environment to the extent to preserve the safety of students and others. The parents of the students involved will be notified verbally as soon as possible but preferably by the end of the school day when the incident took place. There are other details in the plan that are available upon request. The plan will be implemented during 2014-15 school year.

Firearms on School Property: effective July 1, 2014, SEA 229

The State Law concerning the crime of possession of firearms on school property has changed. A person who is legally able to possess a firearm may do so if the firearm is locked in the trunk of the person’s motor vehicle or kept in the glove compartment of the person’s locked motor vehicle or stored out of plain sight in the person’s locked motor vehicle. A person who knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly leaves the firearm in plain view in a motor vehicle that is parked in a school parking lot commits a Class A misdemeanor.

A person in possession of a firearm in a school building or at a school event or on a school bus or on school grounds outside of the person’s locked vehicle commits a Level 6 felony. Thus, weapons are not permitted on school property with the exceptions noted above by State Law.

Students and former students of the school who are no longer students due to a disciplinary action within the past 24 months and who have a firearm on school property or events commits a Level 6 felony.


Due to heavy traffic in the driveways, we ask for your cooperation observing safety. School buses will be loading and unloading from both the front and west drives. Please do not block the drive along the sidewalk, as this is for the buses. Do not ask children to walk across the drive to your car. Be especially watchful for those children who walk to and from school.



  1. Respect other people’s rights by keeping hands and feet to yourself.
  2. Walk at all times in the building.
  3. Use quiet voices in the building so as not to disturb others.
  4. Show respect for school property inside and out.
  5. Be courteous to all people in the building.


For the safety of all children, the following rules will be enforced.

  1. No rough play, such as tripping, pushing, or fighting.
  2. No contact games, such as football.
  3. No rock or snowball throwing.
  4. No student shall go beyond the fenced area, as it is one of the school’s boundaries.
  5. No student shall sit or stand on top of the playground equipment.
  6. No one goes into the building without permission after going outside.
  7. Line up immediately when the bell rings.


Skateboards, roller skates, toy guns, knives, and any other types of dangerous toys will not be permitted at school.

The school cannot assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to property brought to school by students.

Bicycles should be ridden to the edge of the school grounds and then walked to the bicycle racks and locked. Our school cannot assume responsibility for the safety of children riding bicycles or their security while parked at school.



The children are expected to go to the lunchroom and line up for lunch in an orderly manner. Children are to speak in quiet tones in the lunchroom. Noise is a prime factor in the lunchroom. If the noise level gets too high, then all talking will be stopped. We hope to protect every child’s hearing by limiting extreme loudness, especially in the lunchroom where many children are placed in small areas.



Riding a bus to and from school, or on a field trip, is a privilege, and with that privilege goes the responsibility of obeying the following bus regulations:

  1. Enter the bus in an orderly manner, and take your seat. If you have an assigned seat, do not sit anywhere else in the bus. Remain quiet during the trip.
  2. Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.
  3. Keep your arms and head inside the school bus at all times.
  4. Follow the same behavioral standards that are required at school. The rules shall apply while riding the bus to and from school and on field trips.
  5. Follow the instructions of your school bus driver. He/She is in charge at all times.
  6. Should any student be referred to the principal three (3) times for disobeying bus rules, then he/she will receive a bus suspension.
  7. Students may ride the bus closest to their home. Changing buses to ride with friends is not permitted.
  8. Non-bus students cannot ride home with other bus students unless permission from the driver and the principal is given.



Students may purchase breakfast and lunch at school. Upon arrival at school, students planning to eat breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria to have time to eat breakfast and avoid arriving late in the classroom.

Parents may pay for the breakfasts and lunches on a daily or weekly basis, whichever is most convenient for them. If paying by check, please make the check payable to Fuqua School Cafeteria.

Any student may apply for a free or reduced lunch by filling out the proper form that can be obtained from the school office. Applications are sent to the administrative cafeteria offices where decisions on the applicant’s eligibility are determined.

Children are not allowed to bring “Coke” products/carbonated beverages from home for their lunch, nor should sack lunches have glass containers. Children that leave the building for lunch should bring a note from home and give it to their teacher stating where they will go for lunch.

Menus are sent home each month. Children are responsible for their lunch money until it is paid at the cash register. Milk and drinks are available for those children bringing sack lunches from home. Cafeteria policy allows for no more than three (3) consecutive charges.



Regular school attendance is necessary for your child to have a successful learning experience. Every day of absence is a distinct loss to the child. Learning is a step-by-step, day-by-day process, and many times children are unable to catch up unless a great deal of extra time is spent helping them, both at school and at home. PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL WHEN YOUR CHILD WILL BE ABSENT OR SEND A WRITTEN EXCUSE STATING THE REASON FOR THE ABSENCE WHEN YOUR CHILD RETURNS TO SCHOOL.

The VCSC, in cooperation with the Juvenile Probation Department, meets regularly to update the “Truancy Prevention Program” for our schools. If a student accumulates 10 absences or 4 truancies, the name of that student is sent to the Juvenile Probation Department. The Chief Probation Officer works with the prosecutor to enforce State Laws regarding school attendance. Parents should keep in contact with their child’s home school to provide them information when a child is too sick to come to school or is hospitalized. Your cooperation is necessary to avoid unnecessary referrals.

No student shall be released from school into the custody of any individual other than the parent or other adult living in the home from which that child is received. The release shall be made by the principal, or by the teacher in the principal’s absence.

When it is necessary for the parent to pick up the child during school hours, the parent must come for the child at the school office, rather than go directly to the classroom. If possible, a note should be sent to the teacher prior to the release.

Students will not be permitted to leave the playground during the noon hour unless they go home for lunch.



Throughout the year, there is a possibility of emergency closing of schools due to inclement weather or mechanical failure.

When the school is confronted with such an emergency, announcements will be made on the radio and the television.

We need your help on this matter which is of deep concern to us. In many homes, both parents work and no one is home during the day. It is not possible to notify everyone when it is necessary to close school early. Therefore, we would like for you to plan with your child where he/she is to go in the event you would not be home. This plan will be kept on file.


Emergency cards are kept on file for every student. It is necessary that phone numbers on the card be kept current so that the parent or another designated adult may be contacted.

In case a student is ill or other emergency arises and the parent cannot be reached, the school should have on file the name of another adult who can be contacted. Unlisted telephone numbers will be held in confidence by the school.



The school nurse visits the school one-half day each week. She works with the teachers and parents on health problems. There is also a nurse’s aide who works daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

A routine inspection of vision and teeth is made periodically. The nurse also assists in keeping a permanent health record on each student, including current immunization requirements. Annual hearing tests are given by the speech therapist. Feel free to call the school nurse if you have any questions pertaining to health.


The student-parent guide, posted online, has rules for bringing medications to school.  In general, medications must be brought to school by a parent with doctor’s instructions for administration. Students are not permitted to carry any medication, over the counter or prescription, with them except in accordance with state law.



We request that parents notify the school in writing or by telephone at least two (2) days prior to moving. Books can be forwarded to the new school and records processed and ready for you on your child’s last day at Fuqua.



Often two (2) or more children have identical clothing. It is impossible to decide on the ownership of these items. Please put your child’s name on coats, boots, gloves, umbrellas, lunch boxes, and all school supplies. If your child loses something, have him/her stop in the office and check the Lost and Found. All articles, including money, glasses, and books, found in the building, on the grounds, or near the school are to be turned in at the office. Money which is not claimed will be returned to the person who found it.


Wellness Policy

Schools are expected to follow the wellness policy guidelines for food sales at school. In addition, the policy has certain expectations for parents in relation to food brought to school for holidays and celebrations. The entire policy may be viewed on the VCSC website under Student Services.

Vaccinations required for school attendance

Parents should have students immunized according to current state law and students may be excluded from school for non-compliance. A list of required vaccines is posted on the nurses’ page of the VCSC website. The only objections that the State of Indiana will accept are religious or medical objections. Contact the school nurse for more information.


School Video Systems

For the protection of students and staff, each school has a video system to record certain areas of the school premise. These are for internal use and may not be released to outside agencies or individuals without specific approval and only in line with FERPA guidelines. The Vigo County School Corporation will cooperate with law enforcement, however, if a crime is suspected and the law enforcement agency requests to view the information in line with legal requirements.


Student Records

Records that are maintained by the school may only be released to parents (natural biological parents) or legal custodians under FERPA guidelines. The records are not available to grandparents, other relatives, or step-parents, unless those individuals are legal custodians or a legal adoption has taken place.

Permits and Out-of-County Cash Tuition

Students are required to attend the school in the district of their legal residence. If a parent wishes for a student to attend another elementary school, a permit application is required. Specific guidelines must be followed to apply for a permit. Forms are available at the elementary school, and principals of both the sending and the receiving schools must agree to the permit. In addition, no school bus transportation is furnished for a student on a permit. Permits can be revoked by the receiving principal for just cause, including overcrowding in a school or classroom, poor attendance, tardiness or severe discipline issues. Cash tuition for an out-of-county student will be waived if:

the student’s legal residence is in Indiana;

the student is enrolled prior to “official” enrollment day in September.

Any enrollments after the “official” enrollment day in September are subject to full tuition (between $5,000-$6,000 per year).

Any student from another state will be charged the full tuition regardless of when that student enrolls in VCSC.


Sex Offender Policy

The VCSC has a sex offender policy that restricts those who are listed on the sex offender registry from coming onto school property. The School Corporation works with the Vigo County Sheriff to enforce this policy.



Holiday parties need to be arranged with the classroom teacher. Parents will be needed to assist classroom teachers for holiday refreshments. The P.T.O. will coordinate and maintain a list of names to be room helpers.



We require that party invitations be passed out at school only if the entire class is invited. If you do not wish to invite the entire class, mail your invitations. Please do not hurt another child’s feelings by excluding him/her.



One of the greatest resources of the school district is the citizens of the community. Volunteers can make many valuable contributions. If you have a particular talent that you would like to share or free time and would like to help at school, please contact Mrs. Harris. All volunteers are required to complete the VCSC Guidelines for Chaperones, Volunteers, and/or Supervisors and a Request for Limited Adult Criminal History Information prior to volunteering.




Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit our school. However, to prevent interruptions, an appointment should be made with the teacher 24 hours prior to visitation. Please call or send a note to set up an appropriate visitation time.

Permission for visiting by persons other than parents must be approved by the principal.

Brothers, sisters, and other students on vacation are not to visit school unless accompanied by a parent.



Observation in a teacher’s classroom by persons other than school personnel shall be allowed only with the consent of the building administrator and teacher involved, provided the teacher involved is given a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice.



A counselor is assigned to Fuqua full-time. The counselor is available for classroom instruction, small group meetings, and individual concerns. Please contact the school counselor with any concerns.



Fuqua is designated as a Title I school. Title I is an early intervention program for individual students in kindergarten through third grade, whose intent is to prevent reading and language problems before they occur or become serious. Extra help in readiness activities and reading is provided by the reading teacher and teaching assistants to children who qualify for Title I services, based on test scores and teacher recommendations.


Our Student Council is made up of representatives from each room of grades one (1) through five (5). These representatives are elected by their classmates to be Student Council members.

The purpose of the Student Council is to encourage children to be good citizens and to take part in activities to make Fuqua a better school. Student Council allows students to serve in leadership roles and helps promote school spirit.

Meetings are held once or twice a month during school. Student Council members take turns with bookstore duties and morning announcements. Members will be involved with various projects throughout the year, such as “Spirit Days,” contests to promote school spirit, fund raisers, and special events for the students. The Student Council members have the opportunity to serve on various committees and take an active part in decision making. After each meeting, members will report back to their classrooms to keep their classmates informed.


A student may possess a cell phone/paging device in school, on school property, at after-school activities, and at school related functions, provided that during school hours* and on a school bus, the cell phone/paging device remains off and must be placed in a backpack or as directed by the specific policy located on the VCSC website under Student Services. When directed by a staff member in charge of an after-school event, cell phones/paging devices must be turned off.

*When students enter the building in the morning, the cell phone/paging device must be turned off.

Rule XXIV: Inappropriate use of a cell phone may qualify a student for suspension or expulsion from school. This includes sending, sharing, viewing, or possessing pictures, text messages, e-mails, or other material of a sexual nature in electronic or any other form on a cell phone or other electronic device.

First Offense: Warning. This warning will be documented in the office.

Second Offense: The cell phone/paging device will be confiscated. Parent will be notified. The cell phone/paging device will be sent home with the child at the end of the school day.

Third Offense: The cell phone/paging device will be confiscated. Parent will be contacted. The cell phone/paging device must be picked up by the parent/guardian.

Fourth Offense: The student will lose the privilege of having a cell phone/paging device at school for the remainder of the school year.

Fifth Offense: A child may be subject to suspension/expulsion procedures for defiant behavior.

Any student possessing a cell phone/paging device shall assume responsibility for its care. At no time will the Vigo County School Corporation be responsible for preventing theft, loss, or damage to the cell phones/paging devices brought onto its property.



Social media and websites such as Facebook or You Tube have made it very easy to post photos and information online. To protect the privacy and safety of our students and employees, we discourage individuals from publicly posting pictures taken at school events that could identify others. We advise you to get consent of the individual(s) photographed before posting them and to exercise caution about revealing personal details including names. The Vigo County School Corporation cannot be responsible for information posted online in violation of these guidelines.



The Vigo County School Corporation provides network access to every VCSC student and employee, subject to the terms and conditions of policy HBG in the VCSC Board Policy Handbook. The purpose of the access is to facilitate communications in support of research and education. Use of such resources is a privilege, not a right. Students utilizing VCSC networks and Internet access must first have the permission of the VCSC’s professional staff.

Unauthorized or inappropriate use, including any violation of these guidelines, may result in the cancellation of the privilege, disciplinary action consistent with the Student Handbook, and/or civil or criminal liability. Parents and guardians have the option of requesting for their children alternative activities not requiring network or Internet use. Such a request should be submitted to the building principal in writing.

Social Media, school events and posting:

Social media and websites such as Facebook or You Tube have made it very easy to post photos and information online. To protect the privacy and safety of our students and employees, we discourage individuals from publicly posting pictures taken at school events that could identify others. We advise you to get consent of the individual(s) photographed before posting them and to exercise caution about revealing personal details including names. The Vigo County School Corporation cannot be responsible for information posted online in violation of these guidelines.


Fire drills and other disaster drills are held periodically during the school year. If an emergency should arise without warning and it is considered unwise or unsafe to dismiss students, disaster plans and procedures have been set up and posted. Students will be retained and supervised until the emergency passes or the parent arrives to pick them up.


News concerning information about our curriculum, programs, special events, etc., will be posted on the Fuqua website: This will be updated on a monthly basis.


  • to attend school every day and be on time to all classes.
  • to come to school prepared with books, paper, pencil, and any materials and assignments as directed by teachers.
  • to obey the directions of all staff members.
  • to maintain a positive attitude toward learning and believe in my ability to succeed.
  • to respect myself and the rights and property of others.


  • to send my child to school each day on time, prepared with all necessary materials, well rested, and properly dressed.
  • to check my child’s work and homework on a regular basis.
  • to provide my child with suitable study conditions at home – a desk or table, lights, books, and supplies.
  • to communicate with my child’s teachers when I am concerned about my child’s work or health.


  • to provide a quality instructional program in an integrated setting for each student.
  • to provide an orderly classroom and safe environment.
  • to develop programs and activities which will respond to the social, emotional, personal, and physical developmental needs of each child.
  • to assist parents in helping their children develop self-discipline, self-respect, and the self-confidence to participate in school as a responsible person.


The school corporation may release certain “directory information which means information contained in an education record of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed and which includes, but is not limited to, the student’s name, address, parents’ names and their home and work telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, major field of study, participation in official recognized activities and sports, height and weight of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, awards received, teacher-selected student work with no grades displayed, pictures or video images not used in a disciplinary manner, hair and eye color, race, sex, date of birth, height, weight, grade level, and other similar information, without consent to media organizations (including radio, television, and newspaper), colleges, civic or school-related organizations, military recruiters and state or local governmental agencies. 

Parents of a student less than 18 years of age or of a student who is at least 18 years of age desiring to object to disclosure of any or certain categories of directory information should request form JO-E (Denial of permission to Release Certain Directory Information Without Prior Written Consent) from the superintendent’s office.

An objecting parent or student may use form JO-E to deny consent for release of all directory information, or he/she may selectively deny consent by circling those categories of directory information he/she does not wish released.

Building principals shall ensure that parents are informed of their right to object to the release of directory information and that they may have on file such objections at any time during the school year.